About Tool Performance Reviews

First off let me start by saying that tool Performance Reviews is a New Website and is Currently a Work in Progress to say the least. Content will be added on a daily basis. Its a bit lacking right now, but in the coming months I will be adding 100s of reviews including videos reviews and jobsite videos!

I want to give everyone a little bit of information about Tool Performance Reviews. This page was started to Give Honest tool reviews, buyers Guides and to help people find the best deals on tools possible. 

I have worked in nearly every trade imaginable. Masonry, welding and Fabrication, Landscaping Design and Hardscaping, Carpentry, Pluming, and more. I havent done it all, but I have done a lot. It seems that the trade experience that I have gives me a unique outlook on the use and benefit of various tools. 

I own Nearly Every Tool I Review and recommend. Aside from the few that were given as Christmas gifts, the tools have been bought and paid for by me myself and I. I value my hard earned dollar and Im sure you do as well. We will never Recommend a tool that I wouldnt personally buy or use on a jobsite or at my home shop. 

Aside from Reviewing tools I also look everywhere I can to find the Latest sales deals and special offers. I love to get a good deal on a new tool that I need. Im sure you do too! We come across some Amazing deals online from time to time and I always list them here for you!

We will be doing both Jobsite videos and Video reviews in the Very Near Future. Video reviews are something that I have wanted to do for some time. I have watched a lot of tool reviews on platforms like Youtube. It never fails to amaze me when someone does a “Tool Review” but never actually uses the tool. I can assure you that wont be the case with me!

You can also Feel Free to contact me regarding Review Requests. I will do my best to find and review the tools you want to see!

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