Dewalt DWS779 12" Compound Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS779 Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw in Performance Review

Some of the Specs

The Dewalt DWS779 is a 12″ Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw being offered by Dewalt at a Great Price! Its a 15Amp saw moving at 2800 RPM. The back fence design cuts up to 2 x 14 dimensional lumbers at 90 degrees and 2×10 at 45 degrees. The saw is Capable of Miter Cuts up to 60 degrees to the right and 50 to the left. The Stainless Steel Detent Miter plate had 10 Stop Positions. The Dual Rails Use Dewalts Patented Clamping Mechanism and also have a forward Lock. They also use Linear Ball Bearings for a Very Smooth Movement. The saw weights right around 60lbs so it can be moved around relatively easily. Combine the DWS779 with the DWX723 724 725 or 726 Miter Saw Stands and you cave a Pretty Convenient package. 

The Build Quality and Durability

This is a Well Made Well Finished saw in just about every way.  As soon as you take it out of the box you will get the feeling that its a Quality tool. The saw comes with a Blade, Material Clamp and dust bag. The clamp is by far the least impressive part of the saw but its solid and it works, definitely nothing fancy though. Like Most Dewalt products it comes with a 3 year Limited warranty 1 year free service and 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. I have used the 779 extensively both on Job Sites and in my Home Shop and I have not been let down yet.  

Dewalt DWS779 Compound Miter Saw

How Does the Price Hold up to Competitors

Lets Talk about Price and how the DWS779 Holds up to some other brand names. 

Ridgid Dual Bevel 15 amp 12″ Compound Miter saw with 70 Degree Miter Capacity and Cut Line Indicator 349.99 Check It Out Here

Milwaukee Corded 12″ 15 Amp Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw 749.99 Check It Out Here

Ryobi Double Bevel 12″ Compound Miter Saw 15 Amp With LED Cutline Indicator Check It Out Here

It is My Honest Opinion that the Dewalt DWS779 is Hands Down the best Saw for the Money right now. Im not saying that its the outright best, or that no other saw compares. The Bosch Sliding Glide System comes to mind Right away, but that saw is double the price. The Milwaukee Corded saw is a Fantastic saw as well but I cant justify an extra 400.00 to the price tag especially considering the specs are Very Similar. Bottom line is that the 779 is a Great Saw at a Great price and I have no doubt that if you buy one it will serve you well! 

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