Dewalt DXAEPS2 Portable Power Station Jumpstarter Compressor

The Basics

This Portable Powerhouse from Dewalt is as Versatile as a Swiss army knife! Its packed full of Features and is a Very Capable and Handy tool to have around. The Total Weight is right around 39lbs Dimensions are 20x12x12. Its Equipped with a 120PSI Air Compressor, 2800 Peak Amp Jump starter, Alternator Check, Polarity Alarm, 2 120v AC Power Outlets, 2 USB Charging ports, LED Lights, and a LED Display All For 199.99!!

Lets start by talking about the 120V outlets and USB Ports. I have used this power station to power everything from Battery Chargers to Circular saws, Jig Saws, Grinders and drills. Ive had it on Several Jobsites and me and the guys I was working with always loved the ability to have 120v Power anywhere without having to haul around a Generator. 

The USB ports on the other hand are not so impressive. They are a Great addition and I like the Idea of having them, however they were poorly executed in my opinion. For some reason the USB Ports are So tight, it almost feels like i’m going to Break something to get them inserted Fully. Ive talked to a few people that own the same model power station and they have the same issue. I would almost recommend having dedicated USB Cords for this unit if you are planning on using the ports. I think that after forcing them in so many times the USB cord itself would start to have issues. In fact that’s my only Real Complaint about this Unit overall. 

Dewalt DXAEPS2 Portable Power Station Jump Starter Portable Compressor

Jump Starter

Next we will talk About the Jump Starter Capabilities. Most Vehicles Require 400-100 Peak Amps to jumpstart so with 2800 Peak amps this is a pretty Powerful unit. I have jump started my Silverado with 5.3 V8 with no problem. Its a bit bulky if your planning on just using it as a Jump Box, but with all the additional features its well worth its size and 40lb weight!

Dewalt DXAEPS2 Portable Power Station Jump Starter Portable Compressor

Air Compressor - Tire Inflator

I have Used the Inflator Feature on this power station more times than I care to count. It always comes in handy both for the tires on my Vehicles and for random things around the house. Ive put air in Footballs, basketballs, pool floats, Tractor tires, Wheelbarrows, Trailers and more. Its a great tool to have around. I is a little big to just use as a compressor, but it definitely beats hauling my full size or even Portable compressors around. 

Dewalt DXAEPS2 Portable Power Station Jump Starter Portable Compressor

Alternator Check & Polarity Alarm

Sure Polarity Alarms and Alternator Checks are pretty standard with most Jump Starters today. Its still nice to see that Dewalt Incorporated it into their Portable Power Station. They are Definitely important features and can make your day a hell of a lot easier. Just another reason the Dewalt DXAEPS2 Portable Power Station is such a great tool to have around!

Overall Build Quality and Durability

I will say that this is one of the coolest looking and Overbuilt Power stations ive seen. The frame is nice and thick and covers the entire body of the power station. You really get the feeling thats a Rugged tool as soon as you puck it up. Its Very Well made and will take quite a beating. I have had mine on Dozens of Jobsites and its been knocked over, fell out of my truck Twice, Kicked, Dropped and more and its still going. In fact there isnt much of an imperfection on it aside from a couple scuffs. 

My Only Complaint is the USB Ports. They do not feel like they are Solid and in place Properly and They are Way to tight. As I said Before I would have a Seperate cord dedicated to this unit. I will also admit that I have used the USB Ports less than just about any other Feature on this machine, so its possible they would loosen up with time and use. Either way its a Fantastic Product and Im Very Happy with Mine. 

Where To Buy

With Everything that This Power station has to Offer I would Highly Recommend it! At a Price of 199.99 id say its a No Brainer! 

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