Milwaukee Power Tool Reviews 2020

milwaukee m18 fuel surge impact driver review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge Hydraulic Impact Driver Review

There has been a lot of Hype Surrounding The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Surge Impact Driver. Whats Different between the standard impact and Surge? Check out our Full Review!

Milwaukee M18 Fuel backpack vac review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Backpack Vac 2020 Review

The New Milwaukee M18 Fuel Backpack Vac was recently released. How does it compare to a traditional Shop Vac? is it a wet dry Vac? How does it Perform? Check out our full review!

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 15ga Finish Nailer review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 15GA Finish Nailer Review

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel line of Cordless Nailers could make people rethink their choice on Pneumatic Nailers! See how the M18 Fuel Cordless Finish nailer performs!

Milwuakee M18 Brushless Circular Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 Brushless Circular Saw Review

Cordless Circular Saws have been around for some time but Milwaukee’s Brushless and Fuel saws are really impressive tools! Check out the Full Review. 

Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool Dremel Review

Milwaukee M12 Rotary Tool 2460-20 Review

Rotary tools are some of the Most Versatile tools you can have! I have been waiting for a Cordless Rotary Tool that doesnt sacrifice Performance. Milwaukee Did It! 

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut off tool Review

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cutoff Tool 2522-20 Review

Cut off tools have always been considered Pneumatic tools. Then Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cut-off tool could change that! Check Out Our Full Review!

Milwaukee M18 Rocket light review

Milwaukee M18 Rocket Light Dual Power Review

Every Jobsite need Good Consistent light! What iff your jobsite is without power? Or certain areas are without light or dimly lit? Instead of moving around cords, generators and Flashlights check out the Milwaukee M18 Rocket Light!

Milwaukee M18 Search Light Spot Light Review

Milwaukee M18 Spotlight Flashlight Review

Milwaukee’s M18 Spotlight is Perfect for Hunting Camping Jobsite or even just to throw in your car or truck in case you need it. Check out our review!

Milwaukee M18 Transfer Pump Review

Milwaukee M18 Transfer Pump Review

The Compact Milwaukee M18 Transfer Pump is a Handy tool to have around! You may not always need it, but if you do you will be glad you have it! 

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